is a mobile, ultra modern location-based audio and video studio.
Uncompromising equipment, selected by instrumentation focused on musical style or filmed subject.

Since I thrully believe that classical music should be recorded ONLY in a concert hall,

my 600 Kg sound-, lighting- and cameras equipment is always packed for the next production and ready for the trip.

ELLA STUDIO VIENNA has no recording rooms.

This allows the production to remain at a reasonable budget and shape the final prices for the artist as low as possible.

  • 24 digital Soundtracks with 24 microphone imputs.

        QSC TouchMix-30 PRO - digital recording mixer

  • 1x ZOOM F8, with 8 microphone imputs and for smaller Productions a ZOOM H6 having 6 microphone imputs, for the mobile service on location.

       Reliability and excellent microphone pre-amplifiers are important factors for a quality sound recording on film set.

  • For every music style and instrument, the right microphone.

  • ELLA STUDIO have in use 13 kinds of microphones from AKG, SENNHEISER, RODE, BLUE, LINE6, SAMSON, AUDIX, or DPA.

  • For  Videoproductions an important issue is the use of low profiled microphones. For this purpose I'm using DPA and AUDIX condenser microphone systems, which have also a very lineary frequence.

  • For Interviews and presentations I'm using Boom- and wireless microphones.

  • In the mixing and cutting room the Sound is monitored thru 3 monitor systems + 3 Subwoofers.

  • 2 Studio monitor pairs from NEUMANN and GENELEC and a pair Hifi, handmade HEYBROOKS monitors.


  • Up to 8 full HD SONY video and digital film cameras.

  • Two digital film cameras with super slow motion, 240 frames/second in full HD, are also in action.

  • For closeups on the stage are used smaller, low profiled cameras.


  • For a correct color ballance and artistical freedom in the post production, special film lightings are essencially.

  • Wifi controlled ROTOLIGHT ANOVA 2 with customable white balance (2800-8500 Kelvin) and full color spectrum of CRI 90

  • THELIGHT 4LONG and 6LIGHT with huge light power of 18000 Lux, customable white balance (3200-6500 Kelvin) and full color spectrum of CRI 93.

  • For special camera shots, where mobility, motion freedom and dynamic are needed, but no shakings, only a 3-Axis Gimbal comes in question. This "state of art" device enables extreme flat and vibration free camera motions.



  • Depending on project and space on set, ELLA STUDIO has two camera cranes in action.

  • 2,5 meter crane with pan/tilt servo head

  • 5 Meter Techno-crane with pan/tilt servo head

  • 7 meter crane with pan/tilt servo head

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